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Thanissara's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Thanissara, originally from London, was a nun for 12 years in the tradition of Ajahn Chah and has taught internationally the last 30 years. She is co-founder and director of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat, South Africa and has an MA in Mindfulness Psychotherapy Practice from the UK. She is co-author of Listening to the Heart, A Contemplative Guide to Engaged Buddhism, author of Time To Stand Up, An Engaged Buddhist Manifesto for Our Earth, and several books of poetry. She currently lives in the North Bay, California and teaches at IMS and is on the Teacher Council at Spirit Rock, a Core Teacher at IMS, and Guiding Teacher of Sacred Mountain Sangha.
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2009-12-12 The Map Of The Five Indriyas 57:21
The five indriyas in their four aspects. The balance of trudst and discernment. Path activity breaks up obstruction, the fruit arises according to its own nature.
Wings of Awakening: Cultivating the Five Spiritual Faculties
2009-12-12 Guided Meditation 26:54
Working with the three steams of energy, being with breath
Wings of Awakening: Cultivating the Five Spiritual Faculties

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