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Sharon Salzberg's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Sharon Salzberg
The most compelling part of my practice right now comes in the form of my writing. For a long time, I've focused my teaching and writing on lovingkindness. Now as I look more deeply into lovingkindness, I find that it actually rests on another foundation, the expression of faith.
2004-11-21 Balance 54:35
2004-11-21 Balance 54:48
Balance as the essence of practice, underlying form.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2004-11-16 Guided Compassion Meditation 29:52
2004-11-13 The Nature of Doubt 44:16
2004-11-13 The Nature Of Doubt 44:24
Wholesome doubt, unwholesome doubt, and the types of faith are explored in the first part of this talk. In the second part, how to utilize all of them in the development of one’s practice is thoroughly covered with emphasis on careful attention, wholeheartedness, the importance of showing up and making the effort, the antidotes to unwholesome doubt, and helpful strategies for getting unstuck from unwholesome doubt.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2004-11-06 Taking Refuge 44:07
What it means to take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2004-05-01 Retreat Opening Talk 63:20
with refuges and precepts, and an introduction to meditation by Joseph Goldstein
2003-12-31 Delusion 55:39
2003-12-28 Opening Talk and Meditation 57:08
2003-02-15 Going Home 55:48

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