The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sharon Salzberg's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Sharon Salzberg
The most compelling part of my practice right now comes in the form of my writing. For a long time, I've focused my teaching and writing on lovingkindness. Now as I look more deeply into lovingkindness, I find that it actually rests on another foundation, the expression of faith.
1993-10-30 Morning Q&A 46:18
with Steve Armstrong
1993-10-26 Guided Metta - All Beings 33:40
1993-10-21 Morning Q&A 47:47
1993-10-03 Craving and Desire 43:58
1992-11-18 The Quality Of Mudita 45:10
appreciating the remarkable expression of sympathetic joy
1992-10-07 Desire, Aversion And Doubt 54:02
Opening in simplicity to the tunnel vision effect of hindrances.
In collection Working With The Hard Stuff
1992-02-20 The Force Of Metta: Lovingkindness 49:01
Seeing our lives as a force for bringing happiness and peace to ourselves and others.
In collection Force Of Metta
1992-02-16 The Path 51:18
connecting the humanness of the Buddha and his quest to end suffering with our own lives
1992-01-27 Happiness 53:53
Discovering a deep and abiding unconventional happiness.
In collection Happiness And Joy
1989-09-23 Three Refuges & Precepts 42:15
with Steven Smith

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