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Sharda Rogell's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Sharda Rogell
My focus in teaching is to provide the support that students need to turn their life to the dharma, to truth, and to find ways to come out of their pain and suffering. The retreat experience is an invaluable aid to this exploration; however, what matters more is how one integrates this under- standing into everyday life.
2002-01-01 Leaving Your Comfort Zone 46:40
We are constantly searching for that which will free us from our anxiety. By investigating the energy of grasping onto things, we can begin to let go and come to know deeply the difference between ordinary happiness and true happiness of the Buddha.
2001-08-16 Jump Into Beingness 50:13
We journey together during the talk to awaken into trust of the universal now.
2001-08-12 The Invitation 50:13
An invitation to use adversaries to enhance our practice. This is the path to compassion. This talk invites us to use what is difficult in our lives to enhance our practice. Compassion awakens within us through opening our hearts to the challenging and painful. Approaching obstacles with a receptive attitude, we can enter into life with more courage and strength, and a deeper sense of connection
2001-03-01 Spontaneity- Why Nothing Can Be Different In This Instant 48:13
The only thing fixed in the universe is our perception; everything else is already free. How do we transform our sense of stuckness?
2001-01-02 Can My Eyes Truly See? 52:21
A radical transformation can happen for us as we see through our solidification of concepts.
2000-12-30 Equanimity 49:03
Examining our judgements so we can live with a wholehearted engagement with life.
2000-08-16 Refuge 53:04
Finding true refuge in love and faith, rather than in the "things" of life.
2000-08-13 Relating Wisely With The Things Of Life 44:40
Is the problem in what is happening, or the way we relate to what is happening?
2000-04-28 Increasing Our Capacity For Life 41:19
When we meet difficult experiences through embodiment rather than transcendence, it increases our capacity to open to the immensity of our life.
1999-08-18 The Risk Of Being Present 45:42
Why "being awake" in our lives seems like a threatening prospect, and how to overcome our fear of this.

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