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Sally Armstrong's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Sally Armstrong
Sally Clough Armstrong began practicing vipassana meditation in India in 1981. She moved to the Bay Area in 1988, and worked at Spirit Rock until 1994 in a number of roles, including executive director. She began teaching in 1996, and is one of the guiding teachers of Spirit Rock's Dedicated Practitioner Program.
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2007-11-23 Transcendent Dependent Origination 58:46
In the teaching on Transcendent Dependent Origination, the Buddha gives us a map for our spiritual journey, beginning with the common human condition of suffering, which, when opened to with wisdom, leads to faith and many other beautiful qualities. These qualities support the deepening that leads to liberation.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2007-11-20 Guided Meditation - Mudita 46:28
Mudita or the practice of sympathetic joy opens us to the possibilities of increasing our sense of well-being and happiness. The haqppiness of others when directed towards ourselves, is manifesting as gratitude for the blessings in our life
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2007-11-16 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 57:33
The seven factors are beautiful qualities of mind that can be developed to support our meditative practice.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2007-11-09 Working With The Judging Mind 55:46
The voice of the inner critic is a huge source of suffering for many people. Learning to work skillfully with this voice allows us to develop an sense of respect and trust in ourselves that is essential for the deepening of our spiritual practice.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2007-11-02 What Are We Doing Here And Why? 53:03
This talk is about understanding what mindfulness is and why it is helpful to practice it
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2006-11-10 Papanca 53:16
Based on the Honey Ball Sutta, this talk is an exploration of papanca, a Pali word meaning proliferation of thought in the mind. Mental proliferation leads into the creation of self and into craving and comparing, as well as holding on to views and opinions.
Vipassana Intensive
2006-11-02 Dasadhamma Suta - part 3 56:55
This talk concludes a series on the Dasadharma Sutta and covers the last five reflections which includes questions like "do I delight in solutitude", and am I using my time wisely?"
Vipassana Intensive
2006-10-26 Dasadhamma Sutta - part 2: Working With Habits 53:39
This talk is a continuation of a series on the Dasadhamma Sutta, which offers 10 reflections that support practice on retreat. This talk covers the 3rd and 4th reflections: working skillfully with our habitual tendencies, and learning from, rather than feeling guilty about, past actions that may have been unskillful.
2006-10-19 Dasadhamma Sutta - part 1 57:52
This talk is the first of a series on the Dasadhamma Sutta, which lists 10 reflections that support our practice on retreat. This talk covers the first two: I am no longer living according to worldly aims and values, and my life is supported by the gifts of others.

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