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Rodney Smith's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Rodney Smith
More and more, the teaching practice takes me into the community where I engage directly with students. My focus right now is on bringing the continuity of the Dharma into the market place. Although retreating is an important form for self-knowledge, I find myself less interested in the immediate results of a retreat and more interested in helping students investigate their relationship to the ups and downs of their everyday life.
2016-12-11 Perspectives on pain. 47:54
There is the pain of our narrative. The pain of desire, The pain of separation, The pain of the time – all are terminated through our willingness to meet the here and now
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2015-12-10 The Spiritual Journey - Ascent and Desent 48:10
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2015-12-08 Sophistication To Innocence 43:20
Knowing is the foundation of our worldly life, but innocence is the ground of our spiritual journey
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2014-12-13 Questions and Answers 58:35
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2014-12-11 Understanding States Of Mind 45:38
Using boredom as an example, this talk looks at the formation of states of mind and how to quiet their impact.
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2014-12-09 The Counter Intuitive Ground Of Spiritual Practice 45:34
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2013-12-13 Closing Talk 64:41
Holding Your Life with Kindness, Gratitude, and Contentment: A Weekend Retreat
2013-12-12 Fourth Foundation 43:29
Fourth foundation shifts our paradigm into the formless
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2013-12-10 Second And Third Foundation 48:20
How does the past form within the present and how do we form within the past?
Insight Meditation and the Heart
2013-12-08 The First foundation 48:25
The spiritual journey is the movement from form to formless, and the First foundation Of Mindfulness begins that process by questioning deeply what the body is.
Insight Meditation and the Heart

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