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Five Spiritual Faculties
1992-10-03 Five Spiritual Faculties 4:50:54
Steve Armstrong
An in-depth look at the five spiritual faculties; spiritual confidence, effort, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Five Spiritual Faculties: Spiritual Confidence 55:44
Igniting a deep and profound personal spiritual experience of trust, faith, certitude and confidence.
Five Spiritual Faculties: Effort 61:00
Arousing energy for the balanced cultivation of awareness. Steady, precise and continuous: the energy of an awakened mind.
Five Spiritual Faculties: Mindfulness 59:59
Developing the ability to connect with our experience in sustained observation. Mindfulness offers observation, diligence and an inner mentor.
Five Spiritual Faculties: Concentration 56:33
Applying concentration provides collecting, gathering and focusing the mind with precise undivided attention. Focusing on a single experience calms the mind.
Five Spiritual Faculties: Wisdom 57:37
Seeing into the intrinsic nature of our experience. Wisdom reveals impermanence, insecurity and insubstantiality.

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