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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2004-05-03 Enjoying The Fruits Of Meditation 53:07
Jack Kornfield
How to recognize, embody and enjoy the fruits of spiritual life. How to allow joy, trust, steadiness, wisdom, well being and compassion to blossom in our body and heart. How to enjoy them and let them fill our life.
2004-10-23 Faith 55:12
Kamala Masters
The Buddha likened faith to a seed, an intention, to grow in the direction of wisdom and compassion, to venture beyond what is known. The seed sends down roots which take in nourishment to grow the seed. The roots are likened to virtuous activity. From there, sprouts grow, blossom and bear the fruits of serenity and insight.
2004-10-28 Equanimity 60:28
Kamala Masters
Equanimity is resting the mind before it falls into extremes of reactivity. The spacious, calm balance of equanimity can contain both the joys and sorrows of life— supporting mindfulness and the opening to deeper wisdom when we open to “how it is.” Moment to moment, equanimity leads to a great respect and to alignment with the truths that liberate.
2005-07-16 Satipatthana Vipassana Bhavana 57:21
Kamala Masters
Satipatthana is the method of mindfulness. Vipassana is the knowledge that comes thru the cultivation of mindfulness practice.
2005-08-22 Dialogue On Basic Goodness 63:30
Jack Kornfield
with Gaylon Ferguson
2006-05-27 Not-Self 69:01
Ajahn Sumedho
2006-05-28 Investigating Suffering 67:13
Ajahn Sumedho
2006-06-07 The Inner Landscape Of Compassion 59:18
Kamala Masters
This talks lays out what compassion is, how it benefits us, and what the near and far enemies of compassion are.
2007-01-03 What Comes Next In Our Wild, Precious Lives? - part 1 57:24
Donald Rothberg
In our lives we often ask: "What comes next?" in my practice, in my life. We may feel stuck, or energized but not know how to manifest concretely in our lives. We explore the nature of our wold unfolding and some practical ways to tune into "what wants to come next?"
2007-01-17 The Dharma And Martin Luther King, Jr 52:39
Donald Rothberg
At this time of King’s birthday, we use the Vietnamese Buddhist recent understanding of three core areas of the Dharma- wisdom, compassion and courage with each we examine both the teachings of the Buddha and the life and work of King, playing several of his talks.
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