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Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2010-06-17 Forgiveness 53:00
Linda Graham
2010-06-24 How to get what you want...and not get what you don't want. 54:58
James Baraz
How to get what you want...and not get what you don't want.
2010-07-01 Independence Day: True Independence and Its Wider implications 45:04
James Baraz
What does it mean to be truly independent? Independent from what? And if we are genuinely independent how does that affect the way we live our lives?
2010-07-08 Suffering is Grace 50:37
James Baraz
Suffering is Grace
2010-07-15 This Business of Wanting. 51:10
James Baraz
This Business of Wanting.
2010-07-22 Mindfulness as Liberation 51:40
Tempel Smith
Mindfulness as Liberation
2010-07-29 The Secret Ingredient for Equanimity 49:51
James Baraz
2010-08-05 Faith 57:39
Arinna Weisman
2010-08-12 Insight Prison Project and Insight Out 64:39
Jacques Verduin
Insight Prison Project is a non-profit community organization working in collaboration with San Quentin State Prison to provide unique rehabilitation programs for self selected and motivated prisoners so that they can break the cycle of incarceration.

Jacques, founding director of IPP, now manages Insight Out, a project that employs former life-sentenced prisoners that were trained by IPP during their incarceration and now work with at risk youth in Bay Area communities, especially Richmond and Oakland.

Jacques is joined by Antonio and Phillip, two Insight Out Change Makers. Includes Q & A.

IPP Website

2010-08-19 About Renunciation and the Monastic. 53:28
Ajahn Metta
About Renunciation and the Monastic.
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