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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Living Freedom: Insight Meditation Retreat

The whole of the Buddha's teaching can be seen as showing us ways to live with more ease and joy, freeing ourselves from the constraints of unhappiness. Throughout this retreat, talks about the teachings and meditation instructions will emphasize the theme of liberation and help us nurture a living experience of freedom.

2008-03-28 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2008-03-30 Right Effort And Wise Effort 49:19
Rodney Smith
Right effort is the effort the self makes towards its liberation but is that effort wise?
2008-04-01 The Pure And Luminous Mind 60:40
Guy Armstrong
2008-04-02 The Governing Laws Of The Mind 48:46
Rodney Smith
When the sense of ā€œIā€ is seen as a mental process, suddenly the laws of the mind become obvious.
2008-04-05 Authentic Action 49:25
Rodney Smith
What is action when it is not related to conditioning and fear? This talk explores action from stillness.
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