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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Opening to Wisdom and Love: Insight Meditation Retreat

The Buddha observed how easy it is to forget the capacity of the heart for wisdom and love. A meditation retreat can help us remember how essential these qualities are for our very existence.

At first, we may be hesitant to look inside, out of concern for what we may find. But the more deeply we investigate, with a relaxed yet focused attention, the easier it is to know, moment by moment, the reasons we have to love. In letting go of fear and other unsatisfactory, habitual patterns, we discover a heart full of confidence and a mind full of peace.

2024-03-26 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2024-03-27 At the core of the Citta is brilliant sanity 50:55
Erin Treat
The gift of practice, trusting the Dharma, reflecting upon birth, death, and finding our way
2024-03-30 Attadanda Sutta 52:34
Erin Treat
This talk explores the Buddha's sense of fear and dread over the human condition, his process of seeing its origin, and the wisdom that gives rise to peace.
2024-03-31 Morning Instructions – Anchor and Choiceless Attention 51:04
Erin Treat
2024-03-31 Stepping out of a view of self 55:07
Howard Cohn
Our practice creates a beautiful opportunity to know what we are in real time and the difference between that real time experience and the view of ourselves that plays in our minds
2024-04-01 Guided meditation on the self-like nature of mind 50:41
Howard Cohn
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