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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Cultivating Awareness and Wisdom

At its core, meditation is the process of developing the heart and mind. Developing awareness and wisdom directly lessens our own suffering and brings about the capacity for compassionate action in the world we share. Cultivating these qualities in a relaxed and natural way reminds us that a deeper freedom is possible and available in the very life we’re living.

As we will explore on this retreat, it is through a patient, moment-to-moment awareness that we can discover the transformative power and joy of this practice. Drawing on the teachings of Theravadin Buddhist monk and author Sayadaw U Tejaniya, we'll emphasize a relaxed continuity of awareness, specifically looking at how the mind is relating to whatever is arising in each moment.

2023-03-08 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2023-03-09 Overview of instructions: a relaxed continuity of awareness 36:05
Alexis Santos
2023-03-09 Three jobs of a yogi 49:14
Carol Wilson
Vipassana meditation is being with the mind and body directly, from moment to moment with the right attitude
2023-03-10 Right attitude 47:44
Devon Hase
How we re-wild our hearts with balanced observation – not rejecting, or pushing our practice. So much is possible, when we allow ourselves to be just as we are.
2023-03-11 Morning Instruction 46:20
Carol Wilson
Right attitude
2023-03-11 Suffering and nourishment of the Dhamma 59:30
Alexis Santos
A light exploration of the four noble truths, followed by questions and responses
2023-03-12 Reminders about working with difficulty and mindfulness of thinking 45:45
Devon Hase
Morning reflection on dukkha, and how to be skillful with thoughts
2023-03-13 Guided meditation in Sayadaw U Tejaniya style. Day five of retreat. 64:20
Alexis Santos
2023-03-13 Unentangled awareness 52:54
Carol Wilson
2023-03-14 Practicing in daily life 51:05
Devon Hase
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