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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Reclamation of the Sacred: A Journey of Healing and Reconnection Through Insight Meditation

This retreat, held within the context of silence, will focus on the embodiment of insight that reveals a blessed sacredness within all life. Through training our attention, wise discernment and investigation, the Amata Dharma - undying Dharma - is intuitively known as the core matrix of pure consciousness within all that emerges and dissolves. Such knowing begins to transform our world, personally and collectively, enabling and strengthening an inner sense of freedom and confidence.

The course, open to both beginners and experienced practitioners, will explore these themes supported by guided meditations, talks about the Buddha's teachings, check-ins with the teachers, Pali chanting, Bodhisattva Kuan Yin devotions and qigong.

2018-03-06 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2018-03-06 Opening Talk: The Eight Great Gifts 1:12:06
Refuges, precepts, an overview of retreat and the blessing chant.
2018-03-07 Day One Instructions 50:53
DaRa Williams
Arriving, gathering, and breath.
2018-03-07 The Buddha's Path For Our Times. 57:25
The cultivation of the path of awakening in the midst of intensity.
2018-03-08 Sustaining Calm and Focus. 32:18
Supporting factors that enable a gathered centeredness.
2018-03-08 "Might There Be Another Way": The Turning Point In The Buddha's Life. 58:55
The Buddha's childhood memory that led him to reject self-mortification, accept nourishment, and find the middle way. Samadhi, a true holiday. The story of Sona, and turning one's efforts in practice.
2018-03-09 The Bathman: Simile For For The First Jhana 31:19
Reflections on viveka, the jhana factors, the alchemy of awareness, unification, cultivating agility when responding to the hindrances.
2018-03-09 Four Noble Truths: Keep It Simple 60:38
DaRa Williams
Reflections on foundational aspects of the Four Nobel Truths.
2018-03-10 Morning Instructions - day 4 36:27
DaRa Williams
retreat highlights and hinderances
2018-03-10 Liberation Through Wisdom 57:22
Use the mind to know the mind to go beyond the mind.
2018-03-11 Mindfulness: The Flood Stopper. 26:30
Contemplation of dukkha - non-dukkha. Right effort.
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