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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

Holistic Awareness: Monastic Retreat

Western nuns and monks from the Theravada monastic tradition teach each year at the Retreat Center. The 2014 course, open to all, will focus on holistic awareness – accessing an awareness that supports and balances the body, heart and mind.

2014-04-13 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2014-04-16 Q&A 1:26:32
Ajahn Sucitto, Ajahn Jayanto, Ajahn Metta
2014-04-17 The Signless Gates Of Liberation 18:27
Ajahn Sucitto
Liberation is signless not a sensation, emotion or thought. The gates are signless, desirelessness and emptiness. "uncertainty" is the approach to these gates.
2014-04-17 Framed By Awareness 56:32
Ajahn Sucitto
Our mind /body is held in the grip of kamma, framed by anxiety, grief and other forms of dukkha. Mindfulness replaces this frame with clear, emphatic awareness.
2014-04-17 Evening Chanting and Dharma Talk - Count Your Blessings 52:34
Ajahn Metta
Reflections on patience. How can we develop patience in our practice and in our everyday life situations.
2014-04-18 Guided Meditation On Standing 30:17
Ajahn Sucitto
The session deals with subtle bodywork - moving breath through the abdomen, chest and head
2014-04-18 The Thermals Of Awakening 53:51
Ajahn Sucitto
The supportive factors of meditation build up to a rising current that carries the mind to greater clarity, confidence and collected samadi
2014-04-18 Heart Body 42:36
Ajahn Jayanto
Reflections on body contemplation and loving kindness.
2014-04-19 Out Of the Orphanage 64:46
Ajahn Sucitto
Citta (awareness, mind psyche) needs skillful "attachment" to be healthy - upright-the basis for liberation. To be motivated towards this - is healthy motivation - not craving
2014-04-19 There Is Aging 42:06
Ajahn Metta
Reflections on the process of aging, how it effects us, finding ways of using awareness and mindfulness to make this process conscious
2014-04-20 The Way Out Of Suffering, Stress 65:32
Ajahn Sucitto
There are emotions that support the way out of dukkha. These can be summarized as basic clarity, basic heart and basic strength
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