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Winnie Nazarko's Dharma Talks at Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Winnie Nazarko
Our potential as humans is vast and deep, and can be intentionally developed. There is a way that we can learn to open to all of our experience with kindness and clarity. As we begin to find this stability of heart and mind, wisdom will emerge.This emergence of wisdom, and strengthening of compassion, are the road to our individual and collective happiness and well-being.
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2018-02-17 The Role of Sila (Ethical training) in the Buddha's path. 57:30
This talk discusses how sila is linked to liberation and to human happiness. Discusses how sila is part of Wise View and Wise Intention, steps on the 8 fold path.
In the Footprint of the Buddha: Wise Concentration
2018-02-15 What meditation are you doing? 60:00
This talk clarifies the differences between concentration meditation and insight meditation, their different instructions, and overlap.
In the Footprint of the Buddha: Wise Concentration
2018-01-01 Meditation Instructions On Working With With Emotions 48:32
Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat
2017-11-28 Equanimity 62:18
This talk describes the quality of equanimity (upekkha) and how it can be developed in practice.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2017-11-15 Guided Forgiveness Meditation 38:53
Some comments about forgiveness, followed by a guided meditation.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2017-10-31 Practicing With The Difficult and Painful. 66:00
Both "untrained worldings" and the "well trained noble disciple" experience both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. But how they relate to these differs greatly.
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2017-10-24 Welcoming Talk - Refuges and Precepts - Practice Comments 56:33
This is the opening talk for a six week practice period at Insight Meditation Scoiety
Three-Month Retreat - Part 2
2017-03-06 The arc of practice. 60:59
How meditation practice transforms the minds relationship to its experience. Explains how we can tell whether we have "good practice"
In the Footprint of the Buddha: Wise Concentration
2017-03-04 The five spiritual faculties. 60:31
This talk describes how faith, effort, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom function in anapanna practice.
In the Footprint of the Buddha: Wise Concentration
2017-02-27 Establishing presence. 52:31
Duet by Winnie and Anushka on the retreat theme of establishing presence.
Establishing Presence: Insight Meditation Retreat

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